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Third Eye's Chance -- Page 8 by MandyPandaa Third Eye's Chance -- Page 8 by MandyPandaa
Yay for a small time between drawing pages! :D Just cuz. And see the little pink ottsel? That's our very own ~skyfull, sister of ~ElfyGirl. :aww:

I really need to work on actually writing EXACTLY what I want each person to say in the word bubbles before drawing them. ^^; I just think something like 'Ohhh, she'll explain this and that' and then there's too much/not enough space. x_o Yes, kind of one of those pages where everyone's all "omgwtfwhataripoff nothinghappened D<" bad. ;P Need explainage in between pages wiff stuff. GUESS WHERE THESE FOUR ARE GOING? xD

I look forward to drawing Damas. <3 Purple eyes are awesome. And some other Wastelander people, I am going to try my hardest to fit Seem in. :XD: I are dork. And then...the entrance of a certain Wastelandah girl who knows who she is. x3

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Daysavoo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006
I love the colors of the warp gate with a firey passion! O and I love the color job of the tree tops (thats really awesome!)
ZombiDJ Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
wow very nice colouring on the portal

looks like one heck of a job that turned out great! :clap:
ElfyGirl Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! !!!!!!!!!!!!! ANOTEH PAGE!!!!!!!! :dead: Oh my gosh Mandeh! this page came out beautifully! :clap: I just love the detailing in the bg! AND LOOKIT AT MAH SIS!!!!!!!!!! :hug:

This is great Mandeh!!!!!!!!! +favs a million times! I just love it! The colors, the smoothness everything! I really admire your patience! And sorry for not commenting on thie sooner or on any of your other jobs, I've been so freaking busy with the freaking High school.... HIGH SCHOOL IS TORTURE! Anyway, great jobbie! :hug: :love:
Marit Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005   Traditional Artist
I seriously adore how this comic of your is coming along (oh yeah I have been watching ya!! Fear teh Marit! >:3 ) I still can not believe how much work you add into this. The coloring, the lineart - the story! x_x You must have patient like crazy girl, wish I could make my own comic and actually finish it! >_>
Anyway, this page is very interesting, ya get to present yet ANOTHER character here. I love that you actually draw the highly detailed Bgs from the game as well, I get this brill feeling from the wonderful second game. :nod: Also, very nice poses and expressions!
I can not wait to see how Weas will make her entrance, now THAT will be interesting! :giggle:
Great work so far, just keep it up like this and I will freaking publish this for ya! :3
SesakaTH Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005  Student General Artist
OMGawsh this is gonna be great!:clap: *glompas*
LeCy-KuN Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005   Photographer
w00t OMG this PWNS!!!! More TEC :w00t: <333
I love Bintu's position in the first panel ^_________^ And both his and your expression in the 6th panel x333
The last panel has to be myn fav though :D Love the expressions, and the wat Bin is holding on to ur arm like that x333
foofybunny Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2005   Interface Designer
OMG uR SpOilING mE!11?!!1 xD I'm totally loving where this is going! -gigglesinsanely.- I hope Jak shows up soon!
MandyPandaa Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2005
>D I guess I'm evil, buuuuut...
He's not really gonna show up much in this comic at all. It's all gonna REVOLVE around him, the plot, but he's only gonna be in one scene much later. :paranoid: Cuz I likes me some side characters.
foofybunny Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005   Interface Designer
x3 Even if he onls shows up once... IT'LL BE COOL! But for now your characters ROCK! x3
weaserpuff Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ooooooooooooooooooohhhh, this one is SUCH AN EFFING CLIFFHANGER! XD

i love the 'we're coming panel.' love it to DEATH! <3 this is probably my favorite page so far...its so cute! :giggle: the warp gate effect is so awesome, really soft and swirly. i can tell alot of thought was put into this one.
and omfg. seem. damas. XD i so cant wait for the next page...*squirms* love it. keep it up!
TheButterfly Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2005   Digital Artist
Heh, I LOVE tbe two panels... erm...

The one of quiet thinking as they hear what Spargus has to offer, and the second one, where the allure is MUCH TOO GREAT and they decide on a whim to go. Great job with that! It's almost like the plot lies between those two panels, and is left up to the reader to figure out. Awesome! Also like the swirlies of the temporary warp gate. @.@ swiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllll lllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^_^

And can't wait to see Seem! *mystical finger wigglin'*

*poooooooke* so update soon, nyeh? :F [like I have a right to demand updates XD]
silversister Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2005
You got nice comic-artist talent! :aww: I wonder what happens next... ^_~
KeyshaKitty Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're comics are really very well done. You have alot of detail per page - not just on the characters, but on the Background features too. Plus colour, which always shows an artist has alot of dedication to the work. :nod: I love the effects of the warp-gate. Just like they are in the game. :nod:
MiraKHall Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Leaping Lizards and Precursor Orbs sound more fun than gettin' out asses kicked in Dead Town, eh

Cute li'l pink ottsel!
TifaLockhart27 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005   Photographer
LEAPER RACES !!!!! :dance: :giggle: To bad there weren't many good races in the game
:+fav: WOO !!! Forget Torn !!! Time for fun !!!
MandyPandaa Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005
Well, partly fun and partly let's-not-have-that-dude-blow-our-heads- off-by-bringing-him-precursor-orbs. :giggle:
TifaLockhart27 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005   Photographer
:giggle: Yes, that would be bad
SnowyFoxofFire Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005   Digital Artist
:XD: Very nice, loved the expression when they got sucked up into the warp gate.
Higgie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005
What?! I was told there would be zoggions!!!! Maybe they'll be in the next page...........
YunieYuna Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005
yay for Wasteland!!! *waits for next comic*
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